[Short Story] 420: The Dangers of Marijuana

Disclaimer: I’m at the point with my creative writing where it is a bit shit, I am aware of this. I am also painfully aware of the fact that I probably shouldn’t be sharing my work during these early stages, yet I don’t care. If you do somehow make it to the end, feel free to leave a comment stating one thing you strongly disliked about the story. Positive feedback is cool I suppose, but it’s the negative that will allow me to locate the things that I need to change in my writing, grow, and perfect my craft.

420 Blaze it!” shouted both Sam and David.

This call was followed by the clinking sound of glass hitting glass as they raised a toast with their bongs. It was the twentieth day of the fourth month, the official stoner holiday and these gentlemen were celebrating accordingly.

The sound of bongs bubbling as they puffed on them was followed by the sound of violent coughing, ah, the stoner anthem.

This 4/20 was a special occasion, this was the first time that they were able to legally partake in the holiday. Their state had just recently made marijuana legal. The legality of it never stopped them from enjoying the holiday. Hell, they were smoking in the middle of Sam’s weed farm that he started growing a few years back.

“I didn’t think we’d see the day man, legal weed, life is fucking great,” Sam was pumped.

“Fuck those Trump supporting hillbillies, spouting their bullshit about how weed should be illegal and how dangerous it is.” David’s parents were some of those people.

“But they sure do love their booze, god damn hypocrites,” Sam laughed.

“Hey David, you think maybe I could take a hit of that?” asked Danny, David’s younger brother.

What a pain in the ass, David couldn’t believe that he was forced to let him tag along on a day like today.

“Fuck no, you’re psycho ass doesn’t need to smoke any of this. You’d probably just lose your shit and burn Sam’s house down. Now look, I didn’t want to bring your dumb ass along in the first place, so just sit there and shut the fuck up,” David was pissed that he had to bring his brother along just because he was too crazy to leave at home alone.

“Whoa whoa whoa, you’ve got to chill the fuck out homie,” Sam had to step in. “Listen, this is weed, not meth. He’ll be fine, just let him take a rip off outta your bong and he’ll probably be too fucked up to do speak let alone do anything crazy.

Danny wasn’t really crazy, he just liked to burn things. The correct term was Pyromaniac, David is too ignorant to understand.

“Yeah! One puff on the reefers and I’ll shut up,” Danny was lying through his teeth. He just knew what he needed to say to get his brother to relax.

“If you say a fucking word to Mom or Dad, I will fucking kill you,” David threatened.

“I won’t…” Danny began to protest.

“Danny, look at me and listen very carefully. I…Will…Fucking…END YOU!”

“Geez, okay, I understand. I won’t say anything to Mom and Dad.

David sighed, he didn’t believe a god damn word of what Danny was saying, but he figured a quick puff wouldn’t hurt. That and Sam had a point, he would probably be too high to talk. With his luck it would have the opposite effect and cause him to talk non-stop.

He handed the bong over to Danny and he almost dropped it immediately. After that he spent five minutes trying to operate the lighter.

“Here dumb ass, just put this against your mouth and inhale.” David said.

Danny placed the mouthpiece of the bong against his face and waited. David held the lighter up to the bowl for just a second.

“Go,” David ordered.

Danny inhaled much harder than he should have, after a couple seconds David lifted the slide and Danny cleared the chamber. Danny started to cough, violently.

David and Sam started to laugh at him.

“You like that? That’s what we call Chroncitus my friend,” Sam said with a hint of pride in his voice. He gave Danny a pat on the back. “Music to my ears.”

Once Danny was done coughing, he did what he said he would, he sat there and didn’t say a word. At least, for about five minutes.

“This bitch was crazy, I’m telling you. Like, talking to trees crazy. I mean sure, she was a good lay and all, but she was too fucking crazy,” Sam was talking about his ex that he just recently dumped.

“Guys, I’m not feeling anything,” Danny complained. “This isn’t very strong reefer.”

“Shut up Danny,” David exclaimed.

“Don’t you worry about the weed there muchacho, I grew this shit myself. I can guarantee you it is plenty strong. Get back to me in a half hour, we’ll see if your singing the same tune then.

About an hour later, after Danny bitched and moaned enough to get a second puff, a voice came out of nowhere.

“David, Samuel, I have something important to tell you,” said the new voice.

David’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest. This voice wasn’t Danny’s, Danny’s voice is much higher pitched than the one they were hearing. This voice was a deep, tortured voice. The voice of a soul that had known nothing but pain for thousands of years, it sounded ancient. It was a calm voice, the voice of something that had been waiting thousands of years to be awoken from it’s slumber.

David and Sam looked behind them, hoping to see Danny fucking around with his phone as some strange prank. That was simply not the case.

“Ha ha, funny joke Danny, you got us,” David said, playing along with what he still thought was a silly prank.

“Joke? No, I don’t think so,” Danny’s mouth was moving, but the voice that came out was not his.

Danny continued.

“You fool, are you truly incapable of recognizing divinity? You sit in the presence of a deity, yet you write it off as a joke.”

“Damn dude, your brother is way too high. Maybe we shouldn’t have let him have that second hit,” Sam’s voice was shaky, he was terrified.

“No, you are no longer speaking to “Danny”. I am an entity from beyond your realm. I hail from the Kingdom of the Undying and I have drank from the you will kneel in my presence. I carry out the will of the Apostles, the will to cleanse this world with fire, and I have borrowed your brother’s body to accomplish this task.”

David didn’t know exactly what he was talking about, but one think was painfully clear, prank or no prank, Danny wanted to burn shit.

“Danny, you need to calm down. I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about but you’re high, in a few hours you’ll come down and we’ll laugh about this.” David was trying his best to talk Danny down, this wasn’t his normal freak out. It was a new type of freak out that he had never seen before.

“It is a pity that you two must be die along with the rest of the vermin that walks the earth. ”

“Danny, I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about, but you’re really freaking me out right now bud.”

“You’re feeble minds are unable to comprehend what I am saying. Worry not, you are mere humans, you only believe in what you can see. The powers that I possess are beyond you and would only serve to confuse you.”

David and Sam had moved past the point of fear onto the point of confusion. What is Danny talking about? Why does he sound so different? Did we get too high? Danny looked at his brother and his friend, realized that everything he said was wasted on them.

“I thank you two for awakening me, for allowing me the opportunity to enact my revenge and cleanse the filth that has taken hold of the earth. Without you I would not possess this vessel, and for that, I will make sure your deaths are swift, and without pain.”

As he spoke, Danny had David and Sam in a daze, unable to move. They were so fixated on what he said and how he spoke that they didn’t have time to process what was happening. It wasn’t until they heard the word “deaths” that they snapped out of it.

“Wait, no. Danny, listen, I know I’ve been an asshole to you in the past, but I am only human,” David pleads with his brother.

“That’s the problem, you’re human, mortal. You are a stain on the earth that needs to be wiped away. Now, stop panicking, I have already assured you a swift death and I do not intend to go back on my word. ”

David stops and thinks for a moment, this is probably a stupid ass prank, yeah, that’s it. Sam’s dumb ass is probably in on it too, that prick.

“And I have no idea what the fuck is going on, but please stop this. Okay? You got me, ha ha, good prank.” At this point David was in full blown panic mode, he knew that he needed to diffuse the situation or get the fuck out of it. None of this is making any sense.


Danny reached out and took Sam’s bong from his hands before he could react. When did he get so fast, what the fuck?

“Danny? Wha…” Sam never got to finish those words.

In the seconds it took to utter those words, Danny shoved the mouthpiece of the bong through Sam’s forehead. It penetrated his skull with the ease of a hot knife cutting through butter.

Sam was dead before his brain could register what was happening. The same brain that happened to fill the chamber of his bong.

David was horrified, not only did he just watch his childhood friend murdered before his eyes by his little brother. But his brother didn’t flinch as he did it, he acted with the swiftness and grace of someone that has been killing longer than David has been alive. In this moment it all became clear to David, this thing standing before him is not Danny, not anymore.

Then Danny turned and set his sights on David.

“Danny, we can talk about this. I won’t tell anyone what happened here today, I swear!”

As Danny started to walk towards David, he could see that his words were having no effect, he was going to die if he didn’t act fast. He tried to turn, he tried to run. His brain was screaming at his body to get moving, yet he stood there frozen, incapable of movement.

“Ah yes, that’s the spirit. Allow me to free you from this mortal coil.”

He closed the gap quickly, and reached out towards David.

It was in this moment that David regained control over his body. He took the bong by the mouthpiece and smashed it into Danny’s face and used the broken piece of the bog to slash his throat. Danny, or whatever Danny had become, collapsed holding his throat.

“Damn human…” whatever had taken over Danny collapsed.

David took a step back to absorb the situation. His brother just murdered his best friend, he then killed his little brother. How the fuck is he supposed to explain this to the police? Should he call them now or should he dispose of the bodies? No, that would just mean more trouble later on.

He walked away from the situation.

“Breathe god damnit, just breathe,” he said out loud to himself.

In that moment he made up his mind, David pulled out his phone and started call the police. Before he was able to dial the number he was hit with what felt like a truck and thrown to the ground. Everything went dark for a brief moment.

When we opened his eyes, Danny was standing over him. Blood was still flowing from his throat wound, yet, how was he still standing.

“I really wish you hadn’t done that you fucking insect!” he snarled. His calm demeanor had failed him, he was mad, real fucking mad.

“Fuck you.” David spat blood at the thing once known as Danny, the most spiteful thing he could do.

“Those will be your last words, how poetic. This is why you deserve to die,” Danny said in the same calm voice from earlier.

Danny took the broken bong and started to saw at Davids throat. He didn’t stop until had completely removed his head.

After the deed was done, the thing that had possessed Danny’s body let out a sigh. He had hoped this body would last him longer, but that damned blood sack felt the need to destroy it. No matter, it simply meant that he needed to dispose of this body before he became bound to it. He simply needed to cleanse the body in fire, if only he had an accelerant. He walked up to one of the pot plants next to him.

This should do nicely.

He then proceeded to wrap his body in weed, like some sort of sick, life-sized joint. He then set himself on fire, to escape this flesh prison and be released into the world. To prey upon the next unfortunate fellow that chooses to consume the reefer.

Moral of the story, Marijuana is horrible for you, you will die if you consume it.

I am an aspiring writer with a love for gaming, I hope that one day I may combine these passions into a career. I will be posting mock articles to hone my craft