[Outrider] There is not enough stash space

There, I said it. I know we’re all thinking it, don’t worry, I’ll be the guy to point it out.

Outriders gives players the option to make six characters, but since there is only four unique classes I will roll with that number instead. My argument stands regardless of the number.

Let’s take a look at how many Legendary weapons are in the game, 46 according to the in game accolade.

That’s half of the stash already, which isn’t looking too good. Consider the fact that you can only really use three of them at a time, that’s still 43 in your stash.

Then, each class has four or five armor sets with unique set bonuses, with a plethora of non-class specifics. If you take four class specific per class, five armor pieces per set, and four classes you have 80 total armor pieces. That’s 126 legendaries, still not counting the non-class specific armors which are plentiful. If I wanted to keep one of every legendary in my stash I would be outta luck. And believe me, as a massive hoarder in video games, I want to keep one of every Legendary in my stash.

Now, you might be wondering. If they just sit in your inventory, they won’t have to take up room in your stash. This is true, but not only are you ignoring the fact that Epics exist and are used just as much if not more than Legendaries, you’re assuming that players want to clear their inventory after every expedition.

As a gamer, I hate doing that. I like to run 3–5 expeditions before doing any sort of inventory management. If I don’t, my stuff ends up in my stash or being lost because my stash is full.

I don’t think that the game needs an extra thousand stash spots, a couple hundred more would be perfect.

People Can Fly, give us more stash space!

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