Destiny 2 Weapon Review: Friction Fire

The Friction Fire is a Kinetic Sub-Machine Gun (SMG). It is a 600 RPM Precision Frame SMG. It’s not the strongest SMG or the best primary weapon. But it is one of the best Primary options in the Kinetic slot, partially due to the lack of good Kinetic Primaries.

How do I acquire this weapon?

This is another one of the weapons that can be obtained through the Wrathborn Hunts, just slot this into your Cryptolith Lure with a weak mutation slot and a strong mutation. Unfortunately, it isn’t always available in the loot pool, so you can’t go for it every time you do a Wrathborn Hunt. That combined with the fact that you have to charge the Lure every time.

Perk Pool

Pretty decent perk pool for an SMG


This weapon is pretty strong in PvE when it comes to killing minors (Red Bar Enemies) and not much else. It doesn't create Warmind Cells which is a bit of a bummer, but it still is useful if you need a Primary weapon in your Kinetic slot.

Best PvE Roll

The perk pool is somewhat limited, but the best perks on it are Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Threat Detector, and Rampage Masterwork is pretty irrelevant, but the best for PvE would probably be Reload Speed. Threat Detector ups the Reload Speed of this weapon and Rampage ramps up the damage after every kill.


I don’t play a ton of PvP so sometimes I won’t truly appreciate a weapon's usefulness due to my lack of skill. This weapon is not that case, it performs well for a 600 RPM SMG. The only issue with it is that there are a lot of better options at the moment because Pulse Rifles and Auto Rifles exist. That being said it would pair GREAT with the new Sniper Rifle Adored.

Best PvP Roll

Without a doubt, the best roll on this weapon would be Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Zen Moment, and Wellspring. Zen Moment for increased Stability while shooting and Wellspring to recharge abilities after every kill


PvE: 3/5

PvP: 2/5

Farming Difficulty: Easy

This is a mediocre weapon when compared to other primaries, but most of those primaries are in the energy slot. When compared to Kinetic primaries it doesn’t look nearly as bad, but it’s still pretty bad. In PvP, there are way too many better options to justify equipping this weapon, lest it is purely for the sake of using a new weapon. It’s fun, but I can’t see myself equipping it very often.

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