Best loadout for the Solo Flawless Prophecy Dungeon in Destiny 2 | Season of the Arrivals | Warlock Edition

I am writing this guide for Warlocks only purely because I main Warlock on Destiny 2, and it is the easiest class to do the Solo Flawless on. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this before the end of the Season of the Arrivals since the mods used to make this easier will no longer be available.

Mods: For the most part, the mods you use in one encounter are the ones you would use in all encounters.

Taken Barrier: 20% Damage Reduction against taken enemies, kind of a no brainer.

Taken Armaments: Grants heavy ammo when you kill Taken enemies with a grenade, pretty massive for all encounters.

Taken Repurposing: Breaking a shield of a taken enemy refreshes your grenade ability. Also works when you use a finisher on a taken enemy, not sure if intended or if a bug.

Hive Barrier: A lot of the enemies in this Dungeon are Taken versions of Hive enemies. Because of this, Hive Barrier grants you an extra 20% damage reduction.

Oppressive Darkness: Damaging an enemy with a void grenade makes them take increased damage for a short period of time.

Lucent Blade: Reduces the cooldown of your Sword’s heavy attack, really good for the first boss (Phalanx).

Taken Spec: This mod goes on your weapons, it gives you a damage bonus towards Taken enemies.


Subclass: Bottom Tree Voidwalker, for devour to heal yourself.

Kinetic: Mountaintop, good for killing knights.

Energy: Recluse or Gnawing Hunger, Recluse is great for ad clear, Gnawing Hunger is a little bit weaker but has better range.

Heavy: Anarchy, kills knights but also kills the thrall around it.

Phalanx Echo

Kinetic: Witherhoard, the best option in this encounter, direct impacting the knights with it guarantees the kill.

Energy: Any primary weapon for ad clear, so Gnawing Hunger, Recluse, Nation of Beasts, anything really.

Power: Falling Guillotine, massive DPS, sword go brrrrr.


Kinetic: Mountaintop, still the best option, this doesn’t change.

Energy: Recluse, strong ad clear, no real range needed.

Power: Anarchy, or Black Talon. They both one-shot the blights, Anarchy kills it over time whereas the Black Talon insta-kills the blights.

Cube Room:

Kinetic: Moutaintop, good for ads and hobgoblins.

Energy: Gnawing Hunger, ad clear with a bit of range.

Power: Xenophage, 3 shots the knights and has great uptime if you have taken armaments.

Kell Echo

Kinetic: Mountaintop, pairs perfectly with Anarchy to DPS the boss and kills the knights and ogres. This weapon is used in just about every encounter for a reason, it is too good in it’s current state to not be used

Energy: Recluse, Gnawing Hunger, or a bow if you are on console.

Heavy: Anarchy, does damage over time which is perfect when you have to move the entire DPS phase.

General Tips

With the bottom tree Voidwalker, you can throw your nova bomb and kill an enemy to instantly activate devour, it’s a great alternative if you can’t eat your nade or kill an enemy with your melee.

When fighting the Kell Echo, make sure to stop DPSing the boss and kill the hobgoblins, if not YOU WILL DIE, you can kill the boss in as many phases as you want. It’s better than dying in the first phase because you tried to pump out as much damage as you could.

You can run through the sparrow section of the Dungeon, its slow, but it ensures that you make it through alive.

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